About Us

Work Directly With Manufacturers

At 3R Recycling, we pride ourselves in working with manufacturers large and small to deliver the best service and price for your plastic scrap. Our relationships with manufacturers ensure the highest quality materials while providing unparalleled service to our clients.

All Scrap Is Processed In House

All of our scrap is processed in our own facility in Avon, MA. We do not outsource any shredding or granulating, which ensures our regrind meets our high standards. 

Using our own equipment guarantees the lowest cost as well as the most consistent and reliable material to our clients.

Clean, Contaminant Free Regrind

At 3R Recycling, our business is to provide  clean, uniform, and contaminant free regrind at the best price when you need it. Our years of experience has taught us that only the best regrind produces the best products. When only the best regrind will do, call 3R Recycling.